• There prevails a misconception that reasoning section is highly scoring. As an experienced campaigner, my advice would be to solve the ones which can do it in the first attempt and move on to the other sections. Later on, if you get time, then try and solve questions based on puzzles. If you are not sure of any question, then better leave it unattended.

  • English Language is like a pot of gold hidden under a bush. Not much student fancy a good chance of scoring almost 100% in the English Language section. But the truth is, English Language section is relatively easier than other section. The best part is you either know an answer, or you don’t. This saves a lot of time for other sections.

  • Don’t forget the fact that there are sectional cut offs for every competitive exam. Hence, you cannot ignore Quantitative Aptitude section where Maths and Data Interpretation would be waiting for you. About 35 questions are present from this section during the preliminary exam, so, you will have to concentrate on this area as well. Nevertheless, you can choose to ignore Geometry and Trigonometry.

  • For the preliminary exam, there are 3 sections, namely, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language. Never try to complete sections one by one, rather spend some time on each section on a daily basis. For an instance, you can give 2 hours daily to Quantitative Aptitude then take a break for an hour, then start with Logical Reasoning and spend another 2 hours followed by a break of 2 hours and then giving one hour to English Language.

  • Never think of studying for more than 3 hours continuously. Your level of concentration will not remain the same throughout. It is advised to take some breaks in between slots of 2 or 3 hours so that you comeback with a re-energized brain.

  • You must be thinking that this is one of the most common tip which is offered by all. In fact, it is and because of its effectiveness, everybody likes it. Solving previous years’ question papers gives you confidence as well as knowledge about the pattern of paper which you would be getting in the examination hall. The pattern of questions will allow you to adjust your preparations accordingly for a better result.

IBPS Bank and exam tomorrow: Important points, tips to remember

Last minute tips

With just five days to go for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection's written examination for the posts of Probationary Officers in Public Sector Banks, here are some tips and strategies that will help the applicants to smoothen their last minute preparation:

   Have a quick glance at the topics and the questions that are given in question paper and do not take much time to take an overview of the question paper
   Go with proper plan - As in, which section to attempt first and which section to attempt last and how much time one should devote on each section. Also, stick to each plan while taking care of the time
   Since each section in the examination question paper will have different number of questions, it is important to keep in mind the marks allocated to each section. While preparing for the examination during these last moments, marks distribution should be kept in mind to maximize your score
   Start with easier section and leave tougher questions for the second round
  Never get touchy about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 1-2 minutes.
  Be careful about negative marking during the exam

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